who is

opengarden is a company based in norway working cross europe with the nordics as home market

opengarden was founded in 2003
the company was established with the 
support of enthusiastic people who
believed in the vision, the 
leadership principles and values

the name was created by yellow notes 
and flip overs ("so 2003") 
and as a result of a sharp vision,
interaction and commitment

sharp vision, interaction and 
commitment are key elements 
in opengarden

the tag line for the company at that 
time was "you can cut down a tree 
and build fences of it, or climb up 
into it in order to gain 
broad view and insight" 

opengarden creates values for owners

we believe in a few simple principles 
creating values
..how do you deliver values for 
  customers, partners, suppliers, 
  communities and employees
..how do you work with the essential 
  key factors in order to create 
  financial results
..how do you create a clear direction 
  and ensure results through 

opengarden believes in facts and 
sharp analytical vision 
and we believe in feelings
facts and feelings creates 
it is about people

to this day opengarden works 
according to these values
when you work with us, it's 
what we deliver

sharp analytic vision - commitment
character – results