When cars becomes pure #sensors, software and #artificial development, carbon is replaced by electric vehicles, EV, personal becomes shared, and cities slowly positions themselves to become #smart – THEN we are talking business and dramatically changed business models.

Are #sensors ready to intelligently feed #AI algorithms for the disruptive vehicle?

I am starting to get really interested in cars or vehicles. My interest is growing with technology and #IoT functionality. my excitement increases thinking of the cross industry opportunities strongly correleated with #sensor development and #AI. Localization, autonomous driving systems, light detection and ranging #LIDAR, cameras and computer #vision, #RADAR, #V2X systems, data and simulation. this is just a part of the picture.

The cars get intelligent but might be replaced with scooters, ride hailing and car sharing. Scooters are exploding. At the same time manufacturing cost will reduce due to material sciences, batteries and electric vehicles. By 2030 it is expected that prices, cost and profit margins will be reduced to 20 % of today. What does that mean for the traditional car manufacturer? Who will pay for the R&D.

Do you want to know more book a meeting.

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