When cars becomes pure #sensors, software and #artificial development, when carbon is replaced by electric vehicles, EV, when personal and private becomes #shared, and cities slowly positions themselves to become #smart – THEN we are talking business and dramatically changed business models.

Are #sensors ready to intelligently feed #AI algorithms for the disruptive vehicle?

And are the #electric #grid ready for an increase in electric vehicles, EV?

A research done in US shows, as one of several results, that California might require nearly 50 % more electricity than it currently consumes if passenger vehicles in the state were fully electrified. That means California need to generate an additional 120 terawatt-hours of electricity per year. Interestingly enough, looking at the off-peak hours in Texas the grid had spare capacity to provide additional electricity if idled power plants continued to operate throughout the day, not just during peak demand. Theoretically the grid could charge a fully electrified vehicle fleet today if vehicles were charged during off-peak hours. This was not the case in California.

So looking at consumption and grid capacity

a) timing is everything,

b) peak demand management innovation works,

c) artificial algorithms will be the most important tool driving change.

The least cost effective and innovative is building grid capacity, it could be solved in other ways.

Do you want to know more book a meeting.

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